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    Bed Rug Track Mat

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    TrackMat is the perfect addition to your garage, pit or trailer. This knee-saving foldable mat is plush yet ultra-tough foam pad fused with 100% polypropylene fibers. Stain, oil and chemical resistant, it can withstand whatever you throw at it while effortlessly providing convenience and comfort. Made of a similar material to that used in lifejackets, it won’t retain water and can't mold or mildew. Use it as a pad to kneel on or as a lightweight and portable creeper to keep you comfortable and clean while working. Fold it down to its 2’ X 2’ size, throw it in your truck and the track experience has never been better. 2’ X 4’ Folding Mat 100% Polypropylene Fibers ¾" Closed Cell Foam Impact Absorbing Cushion Water and Stain Resistant



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